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1-70 Exit 328 at Hwy 99 turn
Right at the first stop light.

At Hwys 24 & 99 intersection go
South to stop light, turn left.

Contact Info

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 84
Wamego, KS 66547



Membership information is available here. Send the completed form along with membership amount to the address on the form.

Helpful Links

While visiting the Wamego area you might find these links helpful:

Columbian Theatre
Oz Museum
Pottawatomie Economic Development Corporation
Visit Wamego



Nike On Sale,Nike Air Max Thea Canada

´╗┐There has long been interest in Nike On Sale understanding the genetic basis of human adaptation. To what extent are phenotypic differences among human populations driven by natural selection? With the recent arrival of large genome-wide data sets on human variation, there is now unprecedented opportunity for progress on this type Nike Air Max Thea Canada of question. Several lines of evidence argue for an important role of positive selection in shaping human variation and differences among populations. These include studies of comparative morphology and physiology, as well as population genetic studies of candidate loci and genome-wide data. However, the data also suggest that it is unusual for strong selection to drive new mutations rapidly to fixation in particular populations (the 'hard sweep' model). We argue, instead, for alternatives to the hard sweep model: in particular, polygenic adaptation could allow rapid adaptation while not producing classical signatures of selective sweeps. We close by discussing some of the likely opportunities for progress in the field.Copyright 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.  





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